'Le Temps Différent' is located in "Le Tournaisis", the region around Tournai, in the Belgian province of Hainaut.
The region is also called Walloon Picardy.
We put some tops for you here.

Do you love culture and city visits, then you should definitely go to:

Get started with the Corridor of Time in the Tourist Office. It gives you a fascinating glimpse of the rich history.
Then you make a walk, with a plan which you freely can obtain at the Tourist Office.You can also pick up an audio guide there.
Pass along the Pont des Trous, Le Fort Rouge, the Cloth Halls and Guild Houses, the Scheldt quays and Tour Henry VIII.
The Belfry and the Cathedral deserve your special attention. Definitely go inside these beautiful buildings, included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Did you know that the Belfry is the oldest in Belgium ? And the Cathedral is famous for its church treasure ?
Do you have some time left ? In the Museum of Natural History, the Vivarium and other museau right in the center, you can spend hours.
Finally, drink the famous beer of Tournai, La Tournay, at the Market Place. It is also the only beer brewed on the territory of Tournai itself. Natural blond, without the addition of seasoning. You will probably already get thirsty ... but visit the city first !
Tips for shopping and entertainment can be found in the adjoining menu.

For a city visit we advise you to always go to the Tourist Office. It is housed in the remains of the palace Rihour, of the same name Rihour Square.
On the front you have already discovered the first place of interest: the monument to the dead of two world wars.
Ask at the Information Office a (free) city map. Or maybe you want an overview of the city by bus first ? Every hour a bus leaves from the Information Office for a guided tour (audio guide in 9 languages, duration 1h15).
Once you have received some insight in this beautiful city, you can visit Vieux Lille from nearby or explore the shops which you can find in our ' 'Shopping ' menu.
You will not miss to look to the many monuments, here and there next to the shops.
Whatever you do: Lille will surely appeal to you !
Don't you get enough of it: go back the next day and choose one of the culinary guided walks. In less than half an hour's drive from 'Le Temps Différent' awaits you the never - boring -becoming city.

Don't underestimate Ronse in the touristic sphere !
For more than 10 years, they do the maximum for the tourism.
For example, almost every week during the high season there are guided walks.
You can also visit the Crypt of Saint Hermes or the MUST.
Just drop in at the Information Office, located in the Biesstraat 2.
They rent an audio guide to pilot you through the city, so you will not miss a single place of interest.
For lovers of Art Deco architecture, the city has a brochure about this subject. You will discover these gems of buildings on foot.
Do you want to explore Ronse something more adventurous ? The Tourist Office has developed a scooter package of 4 hours, including access to the MUST and the Crypt.

We also recommend you to visit Hôpital Notre-Dame à la Rose in Lessines.
Whoever enters this old hospital site, meets a place imbued with beauty and mystery.
The atmosphere is very special. The visit is original.
The history, from medicine to religious art, from medicinal herbs to architecture, tells a fascinating story.

Finally you have the Castle of Beloeil, the absolute must in the cultural sphere.
The castle is since the 14th century up to now, the residence of the Princes de Ligne.
The rooms, elaborated with opulent furnishings, are just the beginning of your visit: the French gardens can be explored on foot or in the high season, with a small train.
During springtime there is the Feerie of amaryllis, which 3500 amaryllis decorate the castle.
In August there are the Musicals of Beloeil: the meeting point of the greatest classical artists in a matchless setting: the French gardens.

Do you prefer nature ? Then we recommend you the 'Mont-Saint-Aubert and the 'Mont-de-l'Enclus.

The Mont-Saint-Aubert, that you see from the orangery of 'Le Temps Différent', gives you an unparalleled view of the entire Scheldt valley and the city with the five clock towers, Tournai.
During the summer you can watch the kids from a terrace riding on the roller coaster.

The 'Mont-de-l'Enclus' that you see from the breakfast room of 'Le Temps Différent', is wider known as the cycling race 'Tour of Flanders' which is passing yearly.

Do you dare to steep climbs ? You can dowload 'family walks' for both the Mont-Saint-Aubert, the Mont-de-l'Enclus as for other surrounding areas.

Is the cycling race fascinating you so that a drive of 45 minutes doesn't ask you much effort? Go to Oudenaarde, to 'The center of the Tour of Flanders'.


Starting from April 2015, it is possible to discover the region of Le Temps Différent by bike, helped by 'guiding points'.  We made you a special package: Bike package Le Temps Différent