Tournai and surroundings

  • Tuesday morning: in the center of the villages Froidmont and Vezon.
  • Wednesday morning: in the center of village Kain-La-Tombe.
  • Thursday morning: Place Crombez (center Tournai) and the village Blandain.
  • Friday morning: in the villages Ere, Marquain, Templeuve, Vaulx.
  • Friday afternoon: market of artesan products on the 'Marché au Poisson' (center Tournai).
  • Saturday morning: in the center of Tournai (Grand-Place, Place de Lille, Place Crombez).
  • Sunday morning: flea market in Froyennes.

Wednesday morning and Saturday morning at the Market Place.

Saturday morning: the parking lot of the Atheneum, along the Doorniksesteenweg.

Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday: market of Wazemmes. Really worth it ! The covered market takes place in the halls every day, except on Monday.

Super funny discoveries

Slots Decoration: the best that Belgium has to offer in Country Style.


  • You will always remember your stay in 'Le Temps Différent' with a gadget of Tournai Souvenirs
  • Cave St.-Jacques has the finest liqueurs and drinks for yourself or beloved. In an original decor.
  • Artisan chocolates are at Maison Léger, including the Place de Lille.
  • All plants and garden ( decoration) can be found at OH! Green.
  • Are you hungry and thirsty from shopping ? In Tournai, at Tartine Quotidienne you can go for a quick , tasty bite.
  • At Eva Cosy you can take something salty or sweet for on the way.
  • Or try the Pain Tradition and the Tournai patisserie ' Clovis ' at Baker Van Hove, at the 'Place de Lille'.
  • At L' Escargot D' Or, in Kain, a district of Tournai, you can buy fresh escargots. A visit to the breeding ground is available on request.

Just past the linguistic frontier, 10 kilometers from 'Le Temps Différent':

  • De Ijshoeve in Saint-Denis sells artisan ice cream, but during the season you can also savour on the spot.
  • Do you like top quality meat? De Bouvrie in Bossuit breed red deer in full nature. You can also make purchases during the hunting season.

Ronse / Dergnaux
In BatiCentre you can often find very nice (country) decoration in addition to building material. And not expensive !


  • For those who love vintage clothing and accessories, there is Manoush in the Rue de la Clef 46.
  • Genna M. keeps you in the same atmosphere. Rue des Trois Mollettes 18.
  • Decoration in vintage style can be found at Rémi's Boutique, with a nice selection of old chairs, lamps and tables. You can also eat something.
  • In Vieux Lille, you go from one shop to the other exclusive luxury boutique. A must see is the concept store Série Noire in the Rue Lepelletier. A treasury for those who have the money.
  • In The Room are exclusive lines of known denim brands such as Lee, as well as labels as Kulte, Suite, Bérangère Claire or Memento Clothing. Men only !
  • The casual fashion brand Ekyog reconciles trendy with ecological. The collection is made from bamboo, linen and organic cotton. Socially and environmentally responsible shopping.
  • For lovers of needle and thread is La Droguerie completely top. The shop looks out differently, with stained-glass windows and a facade covered with violet- colored tiles. Hours of rummage guaranteed.
  • In the Rue Basse, where La Droguerie is located, you will find many antique shops.
  • Le Petit Souk is the perfect gift shop for children with weird decorations, clothes and accessories.
  • Meert guarantees inner pleasure: since 1761 a leading address for cakes, pastries and most of all delicious chocolate. Do not forget to watch the interior during your coffee or tea's break.
  • You don't like that much the Louis XIV style Meert ? Then choose Elizabeth's with a card full of English and American delicacies: scones, gingerbread, brownies, ... You do not know what to try first.

Shopping centers with traditional brand stores

  • The Business Center of Froyennes is located in the outskirts of Tournai.
  • Les Bastions are located in the center of Tournai, close to the shopping center streets.
  • Shopping center Den Tir is located in the Engelsenlaan in Ronse. From the Market Place also start major shopping streets.
  • K in Kortrijk is farther away from 'Le TempsDifférent', but definitely worthwhile when it rains.
  • Just over the French border is L'Usine located. In McArthurGlen you can do real bargains: outlet clothing brands. Both centers are located in Roubaix.