For those who can devote a longer time in 'Le Temps Différent', or for those who simply stay often, we give some tips:

Castles and parks
The castle of Attre, which is open to the public during the tourist season and on special occasions.
The castle of Antoing, also open during the high season. During the Ascension weekend there are 'Printanières du Château' and the end of June 'les Fêtes Medievales'. See our calendar.
The Enghien Parc is listed among the "exceptional gardens of Wallonia". In the Tourist Office, in the park, you can use an audio guide for a tour of 4km. Several times a year there is an event in the park. See our calendar.

Ath, the city of giants, is best known for its folklore. His famous Ducasse, declared by UNESCO as World Heritage, let the heart of the 'Athois' beat faster for more than five centuries. In the Giant House you can admire the dolls of the parade during the year. Ath has a rich past: the Tour Burbant, a medieval military fortification, and the Gallo-Roman museum both testify witness. Finally Ath also has a lively shopping center, where you can pause for a Gouyasse, the non-filtered and non-pasteurized local beer.

Pays des Collines
Amidst the Pays des Collines, the scenic area that starts at the end of our street, is the Ecomusée du Pays de Collines. Thanks to a reconstructed farm from 1950 you will discover the life of the past. If you have the time, you can complete the 'Route des Collines' with motorcycle, car or bicycle. It is a marked trail of 90 km, which let you discover all the details of the landscape and artisan food producers. A touristic map is available at the Information Office in Ellezelles.

Les Jardins de la Grange and La Maison des plantes Médicinales, respectively Ellezelles and Flobecq, are gardens with medicinal plants. After your visit, try a drink based on angelica or a homemade herbal tea. In Flobecq also starts the 'circuit of medicinal plants'.

Le Parc naturel des Plaines de l'Escaut
On the west side of 'Le Temps Différent' is a second nature, Parc naturel des Plaines de l' Escaut. 430 km of trails, circuits between 1 and 20 km, and 4 RAVEL routes provide variety.

Lesdain is a peaceful village where you will discover 4 million trees of 300 different species. The passionate nurseries sell on the spot all sorts of plants, fruit trees, ornamental trees and rare species. During the season you can pick your own strawberries with your basket under the arm. The circuit of the nurseries of Lesdain start in Brunehaut and let you see a Celtic Menhir and a Neo-Romanesque church. The 6 km walk takes about 1,5 hours.

Also in the 'Parc naturel des Plaines de l'Escaut' you can make a trip by motorcycle, car or bike that shows you all the region. The route is 120 km long and is available in the Information Office of Bon-Secours.